Testing Kits


Testing Kits

California has one of the highest drug-abuse rates and the strictest drug-crimes laws in the United States. There are good reasons for parents, business, rehab center personnel, and individuals to invest in testing kits. Concerned parents may need to periodically test their post-rehab teens to guard against relapses. Businesses and universities need to provide a drug-free work environment. Users of medical marijuana need to test themselves before operating a motor vehicle.

Testing kits usually come in one of two forms: urine or saliva sample. Urine-based test is one of the most accurate tests and have been the choice for schools and employers. They only require a small sample, do not require any lab equipment so it produces instantaneous results. The NIDA-5 is capable of detecting five specific drugs: PCP, Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine, and THC (marijuana), therefore, its results are exceptionally fast and accurate. It conforms to the standards upheld by most local governments, and self-administered easily.

Saliva-based Testing Kits

Saliva-based testing kits are also widely available for home use. Oral fluid tests have the advantage of not being vulnerable to tampering or substitution, which more commonly occurs with some urine tests. Two of the best saliva test-kits are Magnum Detox’s 10-panel test and Oratect’s six-panel test. The former swab test gives results within a few minutes and offers the lowest detection levels for THC. The latter is the only FDA-approved test in its class, uses a simple, single-step process. Therefore, it yields accurate results in five to seven minutes.

Detox To You is a California-based company that is among the leading distributors of testing kits in the state and nationwide. We have an extensive selection of detox and testing solutions that are accurate and practical for home or business. We carry top brands, including: ALS, Diesel Detox, High Voltage Detox, Magnum Detox, Spectrum Labs, and Total Stealth. When you order from Detox To You, you can expect fast and secure shipping, competitive pricing, and respect of your privacy. To browse our inventory and learn more about their products, visit them online at detoxtoyou.com. You can use our contact page to get prompt answers to all of your questions so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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