Drug detox is the first step in the rehabilitation process where the body excretes a substance from its system. One should seek a medical professional’s oversight when undertaking detox if they can in order to better avoid relapse. If medical supervision is not completely necessary or inconvenient, then some detox solutions can be used to help with the process.

Detox solutions can range from homemade remedies to products you can buy at certain stores. If someone chooses to detox on their own, they can rely on the support of family or friends to aid them. Having some support is known to make individuals more likely to tough out going through withdrawal systems.

Simple Detox Solutions for Your Busy Life

Consumption of plenty of liquids and nutritious foods is highly recommended to help the body recover during drug detox. Through proper vitamin intake, the body will better be able to replenish itself and help the brain avoid cravings. Another solution is to consume chamomile tea or melatonin to keep the individual’s sleep cycle on track. Studies have also shown that exercise lessens cravings by wearing the body out and stabilizing blood circulation.

Other detox solutions include products that are specifically designed to flush toxins from the body. One example is High Voltage Detox Flush Capsules, which help flush toxins from the urinary tract. Other products such as Magnum Detox Mouthwash, Total Stealth Detox Shampoo, and High Voltage Detox are also recommended. These products can speed up the process of clearing toxins from the body’s system. While detoxing, over the counter pain medications can also be used to help with any aches and pains from withdrawal. Detoxing should not be considered rehabilitation in and of itself. It is only the first phase in a person’s journey from being independent of substance abuse. Seeking a doctor or going to a supportive group is advised if one wants to avoid relapsing into old habits.

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Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine; Does It Work?

Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine has been around for a few years but it has yet to grow to the popularity of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Magnum Detox Drinks have been trusted for years and we will have a Magnum Detox Drink Review coming soon. Does Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine work? Well that would depend if you are sure to follow the Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Instructions word for word. So long as that is done, you’ll have no complaints. Go ahead, have a little urine fun!

Synthetic Urine Products

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Testing Kits

California has one of the highest drug-abuse rates and the strictest drug-crimes laws in the United States. There are good reasons for parents, business, rehab center personnel, and individuals to invest in testing kits. Concerned parents may need to periodically test their post-rehab teens to guard against relapses. Businesses and universities need to provide a drug-free work environment. Users of medical marijuana need to test themselves before operating a motor vehicle.

Testing kits usually come in one of two forms: urine or saliva sample. Urine-based test is one of the most accurate tests and have been the choice for schools and employers. They only require a small sample, do not require any lab equipment so it produces instantaneous results. The NIDA-5 is capable of detecting five specific drugs: PCP, Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine, and THC (marijuana), therefore, its results are exceptionally fast and accurate. It conforms to the standards upheld by most local governments, and self-administered easily.

Saliva-based Testing Kits

Saliva-based testing kits are also widely available for home use. Oral fluid tests have the advantage of not being vulnerable to tampering or substitution, which more commonly occurs with some urine tests. Two of the best saliva test-kits are Magnum Detox’s 10-panel test and Oratect’s six-panel test. The former swab test gives results within a few minutes and offers the lowest detection levels for THC. The latter is the only FDA-approved test in its class, uses a simple, single-step process. Therefore, it yields accurate results in five to seven minutes.

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